Easy localization services

Your parents are losing their autonomy while your children are dependent upon you. They took care of you and now it's your turn.

Localization for people

Close to them even if they are far away

Autonomy for our parents

Do you want you parents to be able to stay as long as possible in their home?

Have you ever asked yourself if your child arrived well at school with the bus?

Would you feel more comfortable to be notified automatically when your child is back from school?

Geolix is the solution

Geolix offers you a full set of tools and services to facilitate your life every day



They talk about our solution


We use new techologies to help people

Geolix is a Belgian company created specifically to meet these needs and enable you to care for the ones you love.

Mobile application

Use your smartphone to follow another device, or to be followed

App Store

Personal tracker

Use a specific localization device when the situation is more appropriate

Web application

Or follow all your devices on a fixed screen

  • Realtime tracking

    View the current position

  • History

    View the positions during a specific timeframe

  • Zones

    Define zones and be informed when the device enters or quits a zone

  • Alarms

    Receive an alarm when the SOS button is pushed

  • Feel secure about your child

  • Help your parents

  • Secure the family

  • Follow your pet

  • Track your precious assets

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Geolix Team

Meet the dream team

We are a young and dynamic startup company capitalizing on the new emerging technological trends.

Frédéric Henrotte

Graduated in engineering with an MBA, Frederic has been working in the IT sector since his professional day one and has now gained over 15 years of sales experience.

As an entrepreneur and sportsman, he likes to get things done quickly.

Marc-Antoine Lemaire

After graduating in engineering and having worked for more than 10 years with major IT companies, Marc-Antoine, passionate about new technologies, has decided to take on the entrepreneurship challenge.

Whether on his mountain bike or at work, he remains a father and keeps on watching over his kids.

Christophe Joassin

Christophe is a technology-driven Software Architect, but also a passionate photographer in his spare time.

After nearly 10 years in the automation and robotics industry, he jumped over to the entrepreneur world. Today he is a partner with Geolix and a web agency.

He likes travelling around the world, hiking and running.


If you are interested in what we do, and you want to join the team with your talents in electronics, development, marketing, sales...

Please contact us!

Contact us

If you have some questions please leave us a message

Geolix SPRL

52, Rue du Vieux Chêne
4802 Heusy


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